Forge Your Path in Life

And Contribute to Something Far Bigger Than Yourself

Even if You’re Not Fully Clear on Your Life Purpose Yet

If you’re a smart, aware, and caring man,
you’ve most likely heard that…

The secret to lasting happiness and fulfillment lies in giving your deepest heart’s gifts to the world.

Hajee Pepping and Brian Thordal
It doesn’t end here

Here’s what you might not have heard:

It doesn’t end here.

Finding your life’s purpose is just the beginning of a life-long quest for deep contentment and spiritual wholeness.

Imagine for a moment that you knew your higher purpose for being here.

You’ve got it - But now what?

You still need to do the daily disciplined work of implementation. “Chopping wood, carrying water”, they call this in the Zen tradition.

In this process, you’ll come up against all kinds of resistance. Consciously or unconsciously, your mind will find excuses for why you can’t work on your thing today.

Maybe your boss gave you another urgent task that makes you work late hours (perhaps your boss finally see your true potential and start giving you more challenging tasks?).

Maybe your aging mother got sick, and you need to go and take care of her.

Maybe your sports team has a big tournament coming up, and you feel obliged to put in extra hours training them.

Your intentions with pleasing everyone else may seem loving and caring at the outset. After all, you’re a kind and caring guy.

You genuinely like being there for others.

But the truth is, all this unbalanced loyalty is taking its toll on you. Where is the loyalty to yourself and your own dreams?

Rather than being the innovator you are,
using all your smarts to help solve
humanity’s most pressing challenges,
you’re busy putting out fires in other people’s lives.

You secretly worry that 10 years from now, you’ll regret not having taken the big leap because you have spent all your energy making other people happy.

In the process, you completely neglected your own needs, dreams, and desires. The cost of being such a nice guy is your health and happiness.

Because what happens when you don’t make time for yourself?

You suffer in silence.

Not meditating, exercising, eating well, reading, or spending time in nature wreaks havoc on your well-being.

You need to care for your body and mind to feel whole and have the energy to work on the important tasks you came here to fulfill.

We see so many men waiting on the sidelines, longing for something more to happen: For their bosses to change, their children to grow up, and their wives to become more independent. It’s like we’re all holding a dangling carrot in front of ourselves, so we don’t have the courage and energy to start taking ownership of our current realities.

The hard truth nobody likes to talk about?

There’s nothing outside yourself – no successful career, no beautiful woman, and no spiritual peak experiences – that will ever bring you lasting happiness and fulfillment. It’s time to reverse-engineer the common belief that fulfillment lies on the outside.

The opposite is more true:

Find happiness and contentment within yourself first, then go out and create the life you desire. As long as you believe that finding a romantic partner or discovering your life’s purpose will bring you lasting happiness, you’re stuck in a romantic dream.

To that we want to say: it’s okay. You’re okay for buying into the dream. We all do it to some extent. It’s based on cultural and societal conditioning.

And you can also bring yourself back to reality and take full ownership of your life.

That’s when you mature and become capable of making your biggest impact yet.

Are you ready to step up your game and finally contribute to something far bigger than yourself?

Imagine what your life would be like if…

You had the confidence to kick your sad-sack beliefs to the curb (beliefs like “I’m not ready yet”, “I need to learn more”, and “I’m not good enough”) and finally go out and make the impact you came here to make.

What if all you needed to make your big dreams a reality was clarity, structure, and focus (and the reliable guidance of brothers who walk that walk)?

With us, you get just that.

You’ll be among good men who:

  • See the greatness in you…
  • Don’t buy into your BS excuses…
  • Keep you accountable on the path…
  • Hold you when you cry as you come up against limiting beliefs…
  • Celebrate your small wins and your big vision…
  • And so much more…

All that, so you can break through to the other side, where a more confident and powerful YOU awaits.

That’s what we offer you with the Trailblazer Program.

the Trailblazer Program

A program for innovative men who are ready to step up their game and go from feeling stuck to making their biggest impact ever.

Hi, we’re Brian Thordal and Hajee Pepping, coaches and consultants with over 40+ years of combined experience in leadership, corporate development, engineering, mindfulness, tantra, men’s work, parenting, and so much more.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned from our lives and careers and packaged it into a one-of-a-kind program, so you can get the results you want faster and easier.

Hajee and Brian

The Trailblazer Program isn’t so much a coaching program as it is a full-bodied immersion into advanced self-leadership.

You get proven practices to help you get the right things done, so you can stay on your path even after you’ve completed this program. (Some of these practices took us 20 years to refine!)

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies and methods behind everything we do, but more importantly, you'll have a compass and a plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.
Adaptable to the obstacles you'll find on your way.

immersion into advanced self-leadership

The result?

A confident, Trailblazing YOU who’s doing the big things he came here to do.

Plus, plenty of fulfillment outside of work.

Imagine yourself thriving in a loving relationship, taking time for vital self-care, and advancing in your passion projects… all because you started prioritizing yourself.

The Trailblazer Program is the first training of its kind that…

Teaches you how to become more balanced by combining both masculine and feminine practices, so you can focus your mind and nurture your body.

Both are important to becoming a well-rounded man who is successful in every area of his life.

We don’t shy away from honoring traditional male characteristics (while also embracing our feminine qualities).

While many men’s workers place a huge emphasis on vulnerability, emotions, and connection.
The Trailblazer takes this further by integrating the feminine and masculine by also focusing on things like life purpose, leadership, and embodied presence.

This holistic approach to men’s work aims to make it more relevant and valuable for modern men like you. (We sure as hell won’t be dancing around campfires drumming on djembes at night.)

With us, you will…

  • Clearly define your life’s purpose
  • Create momentum in walking your path
  • Tap into the power of community and networking to feel less alone
  • Overcome your uncertainty and fears to live your fullest potential
  • Get new tools and proven methods to help you navigate your path
  • Serve a higher purpose through excitement and joy
  • Discover how to make money from your purpose and charge your worth
  • And so much more…

Here’s what your trailblazing journey looks like:

Your quest is safely held in a tight and strong container.

During our time together, we’ll meet LIVE either online or in the Netherlands.

Every other week we’ll meet live for a 2-3 hours long Zoom call. (If you’re close to Harderwijk, you can even join us at the Mankracht headquarters in Green Offices.)

Here’s how this all breaks down

And to make sure you're supported every step of the way,
you'll also get access to The Private Trailblazer Telegram Group

This is where you stay in touch with your brothers in between meetings.
Share your insights, learn from what other men are doing, and ask questions that come up on your quest.

The venue is
in picturesque nature…

The kick-off weekend will be held at Landgoed Welna. The perfect place to get grounded… no sound-or light pollution, it’s the ideal space to come down to your roots and retreat into pure silence.

Only an hours drive from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, this scenic place is located in a particularly forest-rich part of the Netherlands. The perfect space to relax, recharge, and forge your trail.

The course fee includes your food and accommodation for the weekend. All that’s extra are your travel expenses.

To learn more Landgoed Welna, check them out here: Landgoed Welna website.


Join the Trailblazer Program today and get …

  • The FULL Trailblazer Program
  • 1 value-packed LIVE weekend workshops
  • 5 hybrid 2-3 hour Zoom calls every other week
  • 2 closing days
  • 6 month follow-up session
  • Direct access to your guides Hajee Pepping and Brian Thordal
  • All the modules, workbooks, and course materials
  • Full board and lodging at the retreat center for the kick-off weekend
  • The option to join the Zoom calls in person at the Mankracht headquarters in Harderwijk
  • The private Trailblazer Telegram group to get support and guidance in between sessions
This program is for you

This program is for you if

  • You’re an innovator - You have a head full of visionary ideas on how to make the world a better place, but you don’t know how to implement them all. You need reflection from others and tools to give you the structure to make your great ideas a reality.
  • You procrastinate - Not knowing what to do to make your vision real leads to debilitating inertia. It’s a downward spiral that leads to low self-worth. But you want to get it done. You want to get better at starting a project and actually following through.
  • You lack confidence - Putting yourself “out there” in a bold way requires courage. Failure is scary. But the only real failure is not to try at all. With us, you’ll build confidence over time, so you can kick the fear of not being good enough to the curb.
  • You suffer from improper loyalty - You worry that you spend your energy in places where you thought people wanted you to be, all while YOU actually desired something else. So you stay in your safe job because you fear the unknown and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  • You long to connect with other men - Being so smart and driven, you tend to neglect your social life. But isolation is a killer. It leads to all sorts of health issues. Men need other men. We become so much stronger and happier with the support of our brothers.

You are a perfect fit, if:

  • You are coachable - If you believe in being vulnerable and open to honest feedback, then this program is perfect for you. Embrace this opportunity to grow and invest in yourself.
  • You take responsibility - If you understand the importance of owning your emotions and actions, this program will help you thrive. Take the first step towards forging your purpose and blazing your trails in life.
  • You are financially stable - If you can invest in the cost of the program and still have a comfortable lifestyle, then you are a great fit for us. We work with men who are ready to invest in their growth and success.
  • You're willing to meet the uncomfortable - Being confronted with your strengths and weaknesses and start living your full potential will take you out of your comfort zone.
  • You are committed - If you are dedicated to your personal growth and willing to put in the effort to forge your purpose, then this program is the right choice for you. Start before you’re ready, but commit 110%.
Walk your path
Plan your project

First time offer - EUR 2.250!

Payment options

Pay in installments Pay upfront
3 payments of Single payment of
€ 800 € 2.250
  Save € 150

Need help deciding or got questions?

30 day money back guarantee

We guarantee your success with this program. And since we’re so confident in the value we’re creating, we offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you attended the first weekend, participated fully, but absolutely hated it, we will refund you your money. No questions asked.

*We stand behind our guarantee. Before you make your purchase, please view our full terms & conditions »

Learn more about your facilitators


Hajee Pepping

facilitator - coach

Ey, I’m Hajee - Founder of MANKRACHT a personal development company that has been supporting men in stepping into their fullest potential since 2015. Coaching men on both an individual and corporate level.

A former space engineer, I’m a trained Acceptance and Commitment Therapist, certified No More Mr. Nice Guy Coach, and Facilitator/Teacher  at The New Tantra.

Learn more about Hajee ...

Brian Thordal

facilitator - coach

Hey, I’m Brian and the founder of Thordal - A project leadership & management professional, trainer, and international keynote speaker.
My mission is to enable sustainable project success for people and organizations, which grows people, organizations and generates long term success. Thordal was founded in 2006

Learn more about Brian ...



Questions you might ask before saying “Hell yeah!” to becoming a powerful trailblazer.

Since this is the initial version of the Trailblazer Program, you’re getting it at a much lower cost than what it’s ultimately worth. All we’re asking from you upon completion is your testimonial and an honest feedback. (We’ll likely double the investment next year.)

Yes, absolutely. Life Purpose is a big word and subject to a multitude of definitions. “Not Knowing One's Life Purpose” is sometimes – consciously or subconsciously – used as an excuse to stay put and remain in your current situation. An important part of the program is defining what Life Purpose means to you. We focus on navigating life and its offerings rather than succumbing to limiting beliefs.

This is not just a single weekend workshop; the program spans a 6 months period focusing on creating depth, insight, and momentum. It is for men only and community driven, which means it can continue after the official program finishes. We use a holistic approach covering all facets of life to ensure a healthy balance in your whole life.

It is a 6-month program consisting of one live weekends and 5 hybrid 2-3 hour sessions via Zoom or live and a 2-day non-residential session. You will receive homework assignments, and you will have regular contact with the other participants through a proven buddy system. The average time required to successfully complete this program is 2-4 hours per week.

Welcome to the club. Don’t worry, we will not force you into vulnerability. However, to get the most out of this program, a certain amount of willingness to show yourself is essential. Sometimes you need to accept an uncomfortable truth about yourself. Based on our experience as trainers, we can honestly say that these moments always bring you closer to who you truly are and to your life purpose. One thing is for sure: you will NOT look desperate.

After the training, you will be solidly rooted in the network that the program has created. You will be encouraged to stay in contact with the group and reach out to them whenever you need others to fulfil your needs. Both Brian and Hajee will still be available for 1:1 coaching after the course is over.

We don’t believe there is such a thing as “being off-track”. Everything you do and experience is part of your trail, and life is a quest in itself. Part of the Trailblazer program aims to train your flexibility and ability to cope with uncertainty to be prepared for yet unknown challenges on your trail.

The program consists of one live weekend, 5 hybrid sessions and a 2-day non-residential. Your live participation is required for the weekend and the 2-day non-residential. The weekend initiates and forms the core of the program. You can attend the hybrid sessions either live in Harderwijk or online via Zoom. You can miss one or two of the follow-up sessions, however, we don’t encourage it as this can have a negative impact on your process and the whole group.

Here is an overview of our cancellation and refund policy:

  • You must give as much notice as possible if a booking is to be changed or cancelled. Cancellations and changes must always be in writing.
  • If you are unable to attend the training, the following applies to refunds:
    • Cancel up to a month before the training and receive a 50% refund of the total amount.
    • It is possible for you to hand over your spot to someone else or move your spot to
    • another training.
  • Should the training be cancelled by us, the following applies:
    • You will receive a full refund.
    • We will notify you via email before the training starts.
    • We are not liable for any lost travel expenses you might have.
  • During the training, the following applies:
    • If you decide to quit before the end of the training (after the 30-day money-back guarantee has expired), there are no refunds.
    • If we decide to terminate your participation before the end of the training, you will be refunded within 14 days (the remaining fee of the training price according to the amount of time left in the training).

Got other questions or want to have a talk before signing up?


Join us today and become a true trailblazer!

It’s time to follow your own path. To contribute to something far bigger than yourself while making the impact you were born to make.

You weigh the options: waste another decade of your life feeling stuck, bored, or frustrated?

Or make the bold decision to invest into your growth and see yourself rising to new heights you didn’t even know were possible for you? (Hell yeah!)

Get all the support you need to turn things around within the next 6-12 months. (Instead of years…)

Act now – we only have 10 spots available, and we’re starting April 14th, 2023. Once the program begins, you won’t be able to get in. You’ll have to wait until next year (and pay a LOT more).

Want to have a talk with us first? Click here to schedule a free 30-minute call.

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