Enabling Sustainable Project Success

Thordal was founded in 2006. From the beginning, the fundamental idea has been to enable project teams and organizations to deliver their full potential and thereby achieve sustainable project success and deliver the planned business results or better.
Thordal was awarded the "Børsen Gazelle" in 2010, and is AAA rated by Dun & Bradstreet.

This service has been delivered to many industry leading organizations in the form of both in-project support and training, as a virtual PMO function (either stand-alone or to an internal organization) or as a corporate/cross-portfolio improvement and development project. Please find selected references here!

Larger projects are resourced with the necessary number of individual and independent subject matter experts.

You can find the Thordal website here!

Brian Thordal

+ Brian Thordal is a dedicated and independent project management and leadership professional.

+ Leading, supporting and inspiring multi-cultural and virtual project teams to project and personal success

+ 25+ years of practical project management experience – See Reference Map for selected projects

+ Certified PMP and member of PMI since 2007

+ M. in High Performance Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

+ B. Sc. Mech. Eng.