Mankracht training and coaching for men

Training & Coaching for men

Mankracht Coaching aims to work towards a world where typical men domains are socially accepted, wanted and desired. These domains provide connection, support and challenge for men to become the best version of themselves in order to live a purpose- and meaningful life. We build that space where men can practice relaxing in the presence of other men, where they can drop their armour and where they can start developing the skill to truly listen to their inner motives and gifts. That is considered an antidote to isolation (feeling lonely), depression and underachieving (unrealised potential).

The fundamental principle in this endeavour is the development of a healthy and potent masculinity. An essential step in this is for men to indulge in the presence of other men. We bring men closer to who they already are. We do this through coaching, training and workshops where we focus on Authenticity, Integrity, Radical Honesty, Vulnerability, Rawness, Brotherhood/Connection, Strength, Humour and Presence.

By doing so we inspire men who feel called to take up responsibility to transcend the “What’s in it for me?” mindset to a “How can I contribute?” mindset.

Mankracht Coaching was founded by Hajee Pepping in 2015.