Brian Thordal

Brian Thordal

facilitator - coach

Hey, I’m Brian and the founder of Thordal - A project leadership & management professional, trainer, and international keynote speaker.
My mission is to enable sustainable project success for people and organizations, which grows people, organizations and generates long term success. Thordal was founded in 2006, achieved the "Børsen Gazelle" in 2010, and is AAA rated by Dun & Bradstreet.

I’ve worked with close to 200 companies since 1991, including Lego, Vestas, Ørsted, FedEx, Bombardier and Microsoft. I have been responsible for leading and delivering numerous large-scale construction projects with multicultural project teams. Plus, I’ve been involved in supporting and delivering some of the biggest projects within renewable energy, logistics/transportation and manufacturing. Check it out here!

Passionate about personal development, I hold a Master in Emotional Intelligence & High Performance Leadership and a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m also a certified Project Management Professional, PMP, and have trained more than 5000 people in the fields of project management & leadership.

Outside my professional life, I enjoy being with my family w. 4 kids and my beautiful wife for 20 years, lifting weights, mountain biking, brewing beer and developing my spiritual side through meditation and conscious relationship & sexuality.
I have participated in numerous meditation retreats incl. vision quests based on old Tibetan traditions, sitting in the dark for 5-7 days. I have led meditations for up to 50+ people and is TNT certified to facilitate the vision quest/life purpose retreats.